Stachema Ge

Laguna ALG

The preparation is used for prevention against algae and its liquidation in swimming pool water.

Use: Stormy weather, high temperature, frequent use and insufficient filtration can all stimulate growth of algae. Algae make slimy walls and bottom, which is a cultivating medium for bacteria. For that reason it is important to remember preventive anti-algae treatment. Laguna ALG liquidates almost all common types of algae and it works against bacteria. Tests on irritability to eyes and skin were carried out with negative results.


Instruction for use: The product is dosed regularly once a week for prevention. Under extremely hot weather condition or more frequent use of a pool it is recommended to apply maintenance dose in shorter intervals.


Content: Filling a pool: 15 ml/m3 of water. Regular service: 5 ml/m3 of water in 7 days.


Composition: Preparation contains quaternary ammonium salts.


Expiry date: 24 months

See Material Safety Data Sheet for information about dangerous properties


Packaging: Laguna ALG 0,5 l; 1 l; 5 l


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